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Print n' Mail - How is your bone health?... Issue 198
Issue 198 - Print n' Mail Print n' Mail - How is your bone health?... Issue 198
Online - How is your bone health?... Issue 198
Issue 198 - Online Online - How is your bone health?... Issue 198

Welcome to SHAIDS...
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From the upcoming 2019 Global Conference  

This is what's rumored about the upcoming Shaklee Global Conference...

  • New science info!
  • Possibly new YOUTH products (maybe cosmetics?)
  • Possibly new nutritional and herbal product(s)?
  • ... and much more! 

We're celebrating SHAIDS 17th Anniversary SALE! 

... and YOU'RE the beneficiary!


SAVE 10%!

Wed., July 3rd through Fri., July 19th


Making a Difference!

Printed and Electronic Newsletters and Newsletter Subscriptions... new, renewals, and extensions!  


==> ALERT! <==

Since the Conference will be held in late July... July 22nd thru July 25th... we'll ship a little later than usual... Aug. 1st - 3rd

Be sure to order before we run out!


To order our current Newsletter...

"Why use Shaklee?"

(July 2019... Issue #200) below...

NOTE: We've completely sold out of the printed version of this newsletter. However, you can still purchase any of our electronic versions... Email PDF, Print 'n Mail PDF or Web-based Online Newsletter. Just click on the version that best suits your marketing strategy.

WOW! I can't believe that this is the 200th issue of our Making a Difference! Newsletter! I guess it's true... time flies when you're having so much fun!

In 2002, my daughter Linda and I launched SHAIDS. Our first issue was published in an electronic PDF format only. The title article was...  

"There's only one reason you should ever use a Shaklee product..."  

That introductory issue was one reason SHAIDS was launched to accolades and became an instant success. To those of you who were with us then... and to those who have joined us since, WE THANK YOU! You're the reason SHAIDS has continued all these years. 

The first issue was primarily about the Shaklee Difference highlighted by detailing several Shaklee product and product lines.

This month, we're revisiting that iconic first issue by repurposing some of those articles and incorporating them into this... our 200th issue.

Here's what you need to know about our July 2019 Newsletter on the Shaklee Difference. ORDER IT NOW! We're shipping this week to our regular subscribers and those customers who pre-ordered. Even though we've ordered extra, we know we'll run out soon...    

With all of the products in the world to choose from... why should you use Shaklee? In this issue of Making a Difference! we ask... and answer... some important questions like, "How do you choose the products you use?"  

In this newsletter, we'll explore the various criteria most people use when choosing a nutritional supplement, household cleaner, skin care or personal care product or water purification pitcher. We'll then compare that to the priorities people who use Shaklee consider to be most important. And... we'll tell you why Shaklee customers get... and stay... so excited about Shaklee products.

We'll talk more specifically about...

  • Get Clean... products that make a difference to our planet!
  • Scientifically Advanced Vita-Lea... the multi that makes a difference in how you feel!
  • YOUTH... the skin care system that makes a difference in how you look!

Finally, we'll switch it up a little and tell you about a surprising fact about water and weight loss, along with a Get Clean Water tip.

We know you'll enjoy this issue. Yes, it's nostalgic. But today...  the Shaklee Difference is as relevant today as it was when Shaklee was founded in 1956.  

While we always order extra copies, don't wait too long to order what you need, This issue is sure to sell out soon!

Here's an idea... 

A week or so after you've sent the newsletter... follow up with an energetic, health-packed phone call. Or... send them one of our Personalized Print 'n Mail Postcards. (We have created six of them.) Maybe offer a discount if they try one of the products listed in this newsletter, for example.

So... are you ready to get going to build your Shaklee business to new heights? Here's one way to begin...


Start with planning a comprehensive marketing strategy. SHAIDS can help with...

Professional, full-color Printed Making a Difference! Newsletters packed with easy-to-understand information.

Making a Difference! personalized Electronic Newsletters in 3 different formats to fit your business strategy and the specific needs of your list. Choose from Email PDF, Print 'n Mail PDF, or our popular, versatile Online Web-based Newsletters.

FREE Pre-Written Email Pro Templates with all Electronic Newsletters... So you won't have to spend your valuable time writing emails to introduce the current Newsletter. A fully-editable MS Word document, our Pre-Written Email Pro Templates come complete with 30+ copy-and-paste Subject Lines that will entice your list to open your email and read your newsletter. Complete instructions and suggestions included.

ALSO FREE... for EVERYONE who uses SHAIDS Newsletters! FREE "Email Teasers" to send to your email list BEFORE they receive your Electronic OR Printed Making a Difference! Newsletters. Specifically written to build suspense and intrigue so your list will eagerly anticipate the newsletter. A fully-editable MS Word document, our "Email Teasers" come with complete instructions and suggestions for maximum marketing effectiveness.

As always, you can also order any of our Personalized Electronic Versions:

  • Web-based Online Format
  • Email PDF Format
  • Print 'n Mail PDF Format

A SHAIDS "SAVE $$" SUGGESTION: Pick 3, 6, or 12 issues... and take advantage of our MUCH LOWER Subscription Price per each copy!

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Printed - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
Printed - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
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Online - 2019 Conference Newsletter... Issue 201 - Pre-Sale
Online - 2019 Conference Newsletter... Issue 201 - Pre-Sale
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