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"The “magic” oil for mega-health..." below...

The “magic” oil for mega-health...

Shaklee has so many great products that it's sometimes difficult to choose the ones that make the most impact on the majority of people. 

This issue of Making a Difference! explores one of the nutrients often in the news... omega-3. There's a lot of controversy surrounding this extremely valuable nutrient because so many sources (mainly seafood) are contaminated with lead, mercury and other toxins. And... a lot of the omega-3 supplements on the market are contaminated, too! Thus... OmegaGuard is prominently featured in this issue.

As February is "heart health" month (even though we never refer to that fact because we don't want to "date" this issue)... this newsletter will be quite compatible as omega-3 is essential to a healthy cardiovascular system.

As this is our first "SAMPLE" issue (see below), we also feature 2 articles about Enfuselle C+E Repair Plus... one of our favorite skin care products.

There's another article about a "product" we rarely talk about but which is so-o-o-o important... the 100% Shaklee Guarantee.

We are shipping this newsletter right now, and this month, we've ordered extra. Still... since it's our first "SAMPLE" issue, we expect to stock out. So... order NOW... this issue won't last long.  

What the heck is a "SAMPLE" issue?

A SHAIDS Making a Difference! "SAMPLE" Issue features a product for which Shaklee has sample sizes available for order.

For example, this issue features Enfuselle C+E Repair PM. Shaklee offers sample sachets (Item #60747 - Case of 50 trial-size sachets) which you can either tape or staple to this newsletter or enclose with this newsletter in a catalog envelope.

However you wish to mail this newsletter, we suggest, along with the sample, you include at least one insert... a SHAIDS Personalized Price Sheet. That way, your recipients not only receive valuable product information, they can actually try one of the featured products and then refer to the Price Sheet for ordering information.

For this product... Enfuselle C+E Repair PM... we suggest you include a note asking them to rub the product on the back of one hand so that they can easily see for themselves the difference C+E Repair PM will make when they apply it to their skin. Then tell them you will follow up soon to get their opinion and/or schedule a complete skin care presentation, etc. 

Of course, you can mail our newsletter without a sample attached. It will still be effective and will help sell Shaklee for you. We just offer this new idea* as an additional method to attract more attention to the superiority of Shaklee.

Shaklee has a number of products that you can "sample" to your list. We will feature these products in Making a Difference! every few issues or so. Some samples are more expensive than others (such as Vivix Single Serve) and some would require special packaging to send (such as Vivix, Shaklee 180 Snack Bars, or Basic H2, for example), so when we feature those products, you may wish to carefully select the recipients who will receive the "sample" newsletters.

We value your input, so... let us know what you think and whether this idea works for you.

*Thank you to Janice Jeans, Key Coordinator, Port Richey, FL, for this brilliant suggestion. She has been using it for years to build her successful Shaklee business.

Here's an idea...

A week or so after you've sent the newsletter... follow up with an energetic, health-packed phone call. Or... send them one of our "Just a note..." Personalized Print 'n Mail Postcards. Maybe offer a discount if they try one of the products listed in this newsletter, for example.

So... are you ready to get going to build your Shaklee business to new heights? Here's one way to begin...


Start with planning a comprehensive marketing strategy SHAIDS can help with...

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NEW... for EVERYONE who uses SHAIDS Newsletters! FREE "Email Teasers" to send to your email list BEFORE they receive your Electronic OR Printed Making a Difference! Newsletters. Specifically written to build suspense and intrigue so your list will eagerly anticipate the newsletter. A fully-editable MS Word document, our "Email Teasers" come with complete instructions and suggestions for maximum marketing effectiveness.  


We're sure to stock out of this "SAMPLE" issue, so order yours TODAY!

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