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3-month Super Saver Subscription
578 - 3-month Super Saver Subscription 3-month Super Saver Subscription
Printed - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
Printed - Issue 179 Printed - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
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About Us

SHAIDS, LLC, is a family-owned company formed in 2002 with a mission to create excellent literature and sales aids specifically designed to help Shaklee business builders expand and grow.
The people at SHAIDS have over 60 combined years in Shaklee. We love Shaklee products, the Shaklee philosophy, the Shaklee business and especially, the people in Shaklee!
The writers at SHAIDS are trained professionals with strong backgrounds in corporate sales and management, business writing, technical writing, copywriting and graphic arts.
Offering both electronic and printed publications, SHAIDS also provides proven and cutting-edge marketing tips, techniques and training for our valued customers.