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Electronic Super Saver Subscription

Turn your business "Green" with the SHAIDS Super  Saver E-Subscription!

Have you ever wondered, "What if I could send out my monthly newsletter with just a few strokes of the keyboard while saving money and following Shaklee's "Green" philosophy? Can this be done?
Here's how it works...
Within 7 days after we process your order, we will email a link to our most current issue of your personalized online (web-based) Making a Difference! Newsletter. When you email this link to your email address book and your recipients click on it, here's what they'll see (right click to open in a new window):

Your online Making a Difference! E-newsletter will be personalized with your name, your phone number(s), a link to your email (so your recipient can send you an email) and a link to your website (so your recipient can order the Shaklee products they just read about).
Each Online "Making a Difference!" E-newsletter also comes with our exclusive Pre-Written Email Pro Template for that month.
Simply email the link to your personalized "Making a Difference!" Newsletter to your address book, and...

...sit back & relax... that's it!
Then, shortly after the 1st day of the following consecutive months, SHAIDS will email the corresponding personalized "Making a Difference!" E-newsletters along with the Pre-Written Emails.
What people say about Making a Difference! E-newsletters:
"I'm coming back to SHAIDS! I tried another marketing newsletter company. It was so confusing and so time consuming I never used it... after paying the yearly fee. We all learn the hard way. Please sign me up again"
"I ALWAYS get asked about the subjects in the  Making a Difference! Newsletter when I send it out. And more importantly, I get orders!!!"
"I do not have time to write my own newsletters or emails. SHAIDS does it all for me. I will always be a SHAIDS customer!"
"HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Amazing newsletter again...."

NOTE: Super Saver Subscription rates apply to ALL electronic newsletter subscriptions. You have a choice of electronic newsletter options...

1) Making a Difference! Web Newsletters
2) Email PDF Newsletters, or...
3) Print 'n Mail PDF Newsletters

Just make your selection when you place your order. If you have any questions, please give us a call... 888-395-0136. We'll be happy to help customize* your order.

*Electronic Newsletter Subscriptions are also eligible for our ON HOLD Subscription option. Just order 3, 6 or 12 months and at your request, we'll put your subscription ON HOLD.** When you are ready to mail a newsletter or when you see a Making a Difference! Newsletter you know your group would like, just call or email us and tell us you have a pre-paid ON HOLD** subscription and you'd like the current issue. We'll personalize and email it to you and keep the other issues ON HOLD** until you tell us you want another one. There's no time limit to use your ON HOLD** Subscription.

**ON HOLD Subscriptions are sometimes complex and therefore do not appear as such on this website. If you would like an ON HOLD subscription, just make a note in the "Special requests, comments or questions" box on your order page, call 888-395-0136 or email [email protected] and we'll get your subscription set up just the way you like. 

Want a Printed Newsletter Subscription? Click HERE...

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3-month Super Saver Subscription
3-month Super Saver Subscription
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6-month Super Saver Subscription
6-month Super Saver Subscription
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12-month Super Saver Subscription
12-month Super Saver Subscription
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