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2016 Making a Difference! Annual - Unpersonalized
16-annual 2016 Making a Difference! Annual - Unpersonalized
Online - Earth... our home... our legacy!... Issue 197
Issue 197 - Online Online - Earth... our home... our legacy!... Issue 197


Email PDF - How to de-stress... naturally! Issue 180

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Email PDF - How to de-stress... naturally! Issue 180
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How to de-stress... naturally!

Making a Difference! Issue #179 - Page 1

Weve all heard it.. stress kills! The evidence is everywhere. Medical professionals believe that many illnesses begin with stress... stress that places such a burden on our organs that they can no longer fight its effects. Thats when illness begins.

Yet, unless something very traumatic is happening in our lives right now, most of us think were handling day-to-day stress just fine. But are we? Are you?

Well explore stress and how to handle it naturally in this issue of Making a Difference!

And... Some physical effects of stress...

Healthy vs. unhealthy stress: Whats the difference?
Making a Difference! Issue #179 - Page 2
The phrase healthy stress may seem like an oxymoron... but it's actually a valid concept. Stress is inescapable; everyone undergoes some stress throughout their life. The good news is... our bodies are equipped to handle certain types and amounts of stress. We can even benefit from it.

So whats the difference between healthy and unhealthy stress? What makes stress healthy? Well discuss things to think about regarding stress and its role in your health in this article.

Plus How to cope with stress...

Your anti-stress plan featuring... Shaklee!

Making a Difference! Issue #178 - Page 3
If youre under constant stress, its important for your health that you do as much as possible to get it under control. But, no matter which relaxation techniques you engage in, if your nerve endings are irritated and frayed, if your cells are starving for calming nutrients, or if your system is out of balance, your body will not be strong enough to with-stand chronic stress, putting your health... and maybe your life... in peril. Fortunately, you can take control of the situation with an anti-stress plan.

This article will detail

  • The Anti-Stress Diet
  • Shaklee Anti-Stress Supplements
  • Shaklee Anti-Stress Herbals

Also Why we love Lecithin!

Amazing! More YOUTH before and after pics...

Making a Difference! Issue #178 - Page 4
Since it was first introduced in August 2017, YOUTH has taken the skin care industry by storm! The results people are getting are nothing short of amazing. Just see for yourself...

In this issue of Making a Difference! youll see some amazing pictures youll want to share.

Youll also learn all about the The difference between the YOUTH Anti-Aging Regimens

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