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Healthprint Print 'n Mail Postcard

Part Number Healthprimt Print 'n Mail Postcard
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Healthprint Print 'n Mail Postcard
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Introducing... New Healthprint Print 'n Mail Postcard


Tell your prospects, customers and members how they can get their own FREE  Healthprint Assessment with our...

New! Healthprint Assessment Personalized PDF Postcard

Front of card

Front of card text

IS THIS YOU? (Check all that apply)
___ Lately, I just donít have as much energy as I used to.
___ I wonder how much my diet is affecting my health.
___ Iím worried that I donít know my ďnumbersĒ (cholesterol, triglycerides,
       BMI, A1c, etc.)
___ I have a family history of:
    ___heart disease
    ___other ________________
    What can I do to minimize my risk that Iíll be affected, too?
___ Iím under a lot of stress. How is that affecting my health?
___ I know Iím not getting enough sleep. Even when I do, I still feel tired all
___ Iím having trouble controlling my weight. I just keep gaining. Why?
___ Iím always constipated. Is that bad?
___ When I look in the mirror, I look older than I am. I think Iím aging too fast!
___ I donít know why, but I just donít feel healthy anymore. Should I be
___ I have a sedentary lifestyle. How much exercise do I really need to be fit?

    So... whatís YOUR most pressing health question? Go ahead... write it below:
___  _______________________________________________________
≠        _______________________________________________________

    If you want to know the state of your health (and how to vastly improve it) without going to the doctor for tons of tests,* hereís what we suggest as a great first step. And guess what? Itís totally, absolutely, completely FREE!

* As always, check with your health care professional before beginning any new program or if you have special health concerns.

Back of card


Back of card text

20 questions can change your life!

     Itís called your PERSONAL Healthprint Assessment... a life-changing, personalized health builder that can guide you to make choices that will vastly improve your health by giving you specific information and products designed to help you meet your health goals. Harnessing 60 years of nutritional leadership from award-winning doctors and scientists your Healthprint Assessment will create a customized nutritional plan just for you!
    Just answer a quick set of simple questions about diet, lifestyle, and other habits, then identify your top health goals. Once you receive your Healthprint Assessment results, youíll get a personalized diet and lifestyle score based upon where you are now relative to optimal wellness, along with guidelines to follow.

Itís easy, quick and... in case you missed it... Healthprint is FREE! To get started, just contact:

Back of card text (lower right)

Take your easy, quick and FREE Healthprint Assessment TODAY, follow the guidelines and start feeling better within 30 days... GUARANTEED!

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