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Online - How to stay well this winter...Issue 192
Issue 192 - Online Online - How to stay well this winter...Issue 192

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New Members Print n' Mail Postcard Series

Part Number New Members Print n' Mail Postcard Series
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New Members Print n' Mail Postcard Series
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Increase your volume with... our "New Members" Postcard Series
(updated for 2018)

While SHAIDS offers a variety of personalized Print 'n Mail PDF Postcards specifically tailored to evoke interest in Shaklee and Shaklee products, many of our customers have asked for more postcards that would appeal to their new Members. After a lot of thought, we came up with a brand new Print 'n Mail Postcard Series (16 unique postcards) specifically designed to entice your new Members to examine many of Shaklee's exciting possibilities. Once you've sponsored a new Member, you'll mail a Print 'n Mail Postcard every few days to a week or so just to keep in touch. Here are the subjects you'll find in this updated series:
  1. Welcome to our Shaklee Family!
  2. Shaklee is a Different Kind of Company
  3. Should you take a multi? [Vita-Lea] New Member Postcard Series
  4. Save over $13,500! [Basic H2]
  5. Want Super Health? Start here... [Rx for a Healthier Life]
  6. Drink... to your health! [Get Clean Water]
  7. Are you an entrepreneur? [Opportunity teaser] 
  8. How fast is your skin aging? [YOUTH]
  9. It's at your fingertips... [Opportunity teaser] 
  10. Paying a lot of taxes? [Financial benefit] 
  11. An easy way to save money... Shaklee AutoShip
  12. Did you know that Shaklee supplement users are healthier? Here's the proof! [Landmark Study]
  13. Your S.M.A.R.T. start... Vitalizer!
  14. The most expensive supplement is... [...the one that doesn't work!]
  15. There's a Darn Good Reason Why Cows Don't Have Arthritis! [Alfalfa Complex]
  16. Do you LOVE to travel? [Shaklee destinations] 
For details (text and pictures) about the postcards contained in this collection, just download our New Members Personalized Print 'n Mail Postcard Series Detail Sheet.

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