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2015 Making a Difference! Annual - Unpersonalized
15-annual 2015 Making a Difference! Annual - Unpersonalized
Online - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
Issue 179 - Online Online - A smart weight loss decision... Issue 179
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Online - Know anyone who’s always sick? Issue 156

Part Number Issue 156 - Online
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Online - Know anyone who’s always sick? Issue 156
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Know anyone who's always sick?

Making a Difference! Issue #155 - Page 1Some people seem to be sick all of the time. They get a flu shot every year and each new vaccine that's developed, and yet... they still catch every bug that's going around. Sound like anyone you know? Maybe even you?
Here are 3 steps you can take to turn the tide and fight off those germs!
Find out more in this issue of Making a Difference!
Plus... The other side of the illness coin...

6 reasons some people get sick a lot...


Making a Difference! Issue #155 - Page 2 While there can be many causes underlying an illness, here are the six most common reasons a person who's always sick should examine first...
In this article we cover the impact on your health of:
  • Poor diet
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Dehydration
  • Overwork
Then... we tell you how to combat each one in... Small changes = huge health results!

The path to wellness...


Making a Difference! Issue #155 - Page 3New research indicates that probiotics can have a far greater effect upon our immune health than scientists ever imagined. Probiotics are especially important for those who are chronically ill with infections such as colds or the flu. We'll tell you why in this article.
The truth is, many probiotics on the market aren't beneficial at all... and here are some of the reasons...
In this issue of Making a Difference! we'll tell you which probiotics you should be using and why.
Along with... Important supplements to combat recurring illness...

Intense moisture for skin and nails...

Making a Difference! Issue #155 - Page 4Cold, dry winter air is on its way. Whether you're a woman or a man, child, teen or adult, protecting your skin during the winter months is a must!
There is no better way to protect and moisturize the skin's delicate surface than...
We'll tell you more in this article...
Plus... For ultra moisture...
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