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Online - Why should YOU use Shaklee?... Issue 165

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Online - Why should YOU use Shaklee?... Issue 165
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Why should YOU use Shaklee?

Making a Difference! Issue #165 - Page 1

You hear it and see it every day... ads for products that are supposedly superior to all the others on the market. While you may not believe all the hype... those ads and commercials sell products... lots of them!
What's worse, you may have actually tried some of these products and found that they fell far short of your expectations... or the manufacturer's promise!
So why should YOU believe that Shaklee products ARE superior... and live up to Shaklee's promises? Because year after year, clinical trial after clinical trial, product after product... if you've tried them you've come to trust... you've come to know... that Shaklee products work... and work better than all others... every single time!
Find out exactly why in this issue of Making a Difference!
Plus... Remember this?

How was your supplement made?


Making a Difference! Issue #165 - Page 2
This is a question you need to ask before you purchase any nutritional product. Why? Because your very health (and the health of your family) is at stake!
Contrary to what you may have heard in the past, dietary supplements are not all the same. This fact has surfaced in startling news stories appearing year after year about mislabeling, contamination, and deliberate deception. For instance...
  • lead contamination in herbal supplements
  • 12 toxic ingredients found in dietary supplements
  • supplements that don't meet the claims on their labels or satisfy quality standards
(2-page article... continued below)

How was your supplement made? (continued)  


Making a Difference! Issue #165 - Page 3
In this 2-page article we'll examine...
  • raw materials
  • quality control
  • clinical trials
And... how you can make sure your supplements are safe, tested and work!
We'll tell everything you need to know to make the right decision in this issue of Making a Difference!
Plus... The Shaklee scientific difference...
As well as... The Shaklee innovation difference...

What the Shaklee Difference really means...

Making a Difference! Issue #165 - Page 4
We all know Shaklee products are different... very different... from other products on the market. But what exactly makes Shaklee products so much better?
Here are just a few more examples of The Shaklee Difference:        
  • Vita-Lea
  • Iron Plus C Complex
  • EZ-Gest
  • Get Clean Fresh Laundry
  • Enfuselle
And... The Basic H˛ Difference...
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