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Printed - How to get “functional” today!... Issue 199
Printed - Issue 199 Printed - How to get “functional” today!... Issue 199

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Online - Your personal health plan... Issue 170

Part Number Issue 170 - Online
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Online - Your personal health plan... Issue 170
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Your personal health plan...
Making a Difference! Issue #170 - Page 1

Whether you've recently been diagnosed with a major disease, have been told you should take steps to prevent one you're likely to contract, or just want to have a plan of action to prevent diseases, it's time to take charge of your health!

Make today the day you begin gathering informative data and taking steps to become or remain healthy. If you've been ignoring signs and symptoms of possible health problems, or dismissing your genetic background, decide... right now... to find out the facts and take control.
Find out about the remarkable FREE tool that will help you formulate a personal health plan in this issue of Making a Difference!
And... Small changes = huge results

Strategizing and achieving your health goals...
Making a Difference! Issue #170 - Page 2
The simplest way to start formulating your health plan is by utilizing Shaklee’s FREE HealthPrint. Just answer a few simple questions to get an in-depth plan designed specifically just for you... a plan that will help you achieve optimal health.

In this 2- page article, we’ll examine some common health goals:

  • Sharp mental focus
  • Achieving a healthy weight

Plus... HealthPrint is easy to take. Here's how...

Strategizing and achieving your health goals...  (continued)


Making a Difference! Issue #170 - Page 3
On the second page of this 2- page article, we'll explore the affects of stress on your health, including:

1) How stress affects your brain
2) How stress affects your gut
3) How stress affects your cardiovascular system
4) How stress affects your immune system
You'll also learn about... Fighting fatigue...
And... Need a quick energy boost? Try this...

Wash your hands... at the Get Clean spa!

Making a Difference! Issue #170 - Page 4
When you tell your children, "Go wash your hands," you want them to wash with a hand cleaner that is effective... but safe.
Many hand cleaners on the market today are very effective at removing dirt and germs... but they're far from safe!
Find out if your hand cleaner is toxic... and the safe alternative you can use instead.

Plus... Get Clean Hand Wash Benefits...

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