Because through Shaklee... we are all Making a Difference!

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Online Super Saver Subscription

Super Saver Subscription!
3, 6 or 12 month subscription of our personalized Online "Making a Difference!" E-newsletter and Pre-Written Email!
For those who would like to send your newsletter by email but are not sure exactly how to start, heres your chance to try it!
3, 6 or 12 month Super Saver Subscription (Starts with our most current e-newsletter and continues for consecutive months)! Try our personalized online version of the "Making a Difference!" Newsletter and Pre-Written Email
Take a look at what youll get:
Within 24 business hours after we process your order, we will email a link to our most current issue of your personalized online Making a Difference! Newsletter. When you email this link to your email address book and your recipients click on it, heres what theyll see:

Your online Making a Difference! E-newsletter will be personalized with your name, your phone number(s), a button to your email (so your recipient can send you an email) and a button to your website (so your recipient can order the Shaklee products they just read about).
Each Online "Making a Difference!" E-newsletter also comes with our exclusive Pre-Written Email for that month.
Simply email your personalized "Making a Difference!" Newsletter to your address book, and...

...sit back & relax... that's it!
Then, on the 1st of the following consecutive months, SHAIDS will email the corresponding personalized "Making a Difference!" E-newsletters along with the Pre-Written Emails.
What people say about  Making a Difference! E-newsletters:
I want to come back to SHAIDS! I tried another marketing newsletter company. It was so confusing and so time consuming I never used it... after paying the yearly fee. We all learn the hard way. Please sign me up again.
I ALWAYS get asked about the subjects in the  Making a Difference! Newsletter when I send it out. And more importantly, I get orders!!!
I do not have time to write my own newsletters or emails. SHAIDS does it all for me. I will always be a SHAIDS customer!
HOW DO YOU DO THAT? Amazing newsletter again....

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