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Optiflora DI  Print 'n Mail Postcard
Optiflora DI Print 'n Mail Postcard Optiflora DI Print 'n Mail Postcard

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Optiflora DI Print 'n Mail Postcard

Introducing... Our NEW Personalized Optiflora DI Print 'n Mail Postcard


Tell your prospects, customers and members about Shaklee's potent probiotic product with our BRAND NEW...

Optiflora DI Personalized Print 'n Mail PDF Postcard

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Let me ask you something. How happy is your... gut? How did your stomach feel after you ate breakfast or lunch today? Do you have a “strong stomach” or do you suffer from stomach aches, bloating, gas or heartburn? 

It’s a fact that most Americans have some digestion issues. Are you one of them? Here are some sure signs that you need to improve your gut health:
  • Your breath smells. Many people who have bad breath simply have digestive problems that can lead to illness.
  • You're tired after meals. How you feel after a meal can say a lot about the state of your digestive health.
  • You have skin issues. It's common for people with digestive problems to have skin problems such as acne, psoriasis or eczema.
If you have any of these symptoms... or if you KNOW your digestion needs help, there’s a natural solution... new Optiflora DI!

Back of card


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Not all probiotics are effective. In fact, some provide NO live bacteria at all!  Optiflora DI delivers 10 billion CFUs from 4 powerful bacterial strains.
  • Restores intestinal flora balance
  • Maintains regularity
  • Reduces gas, bloating, constipation
  • Proven immune support.
  • Improves gut transit time for better metabolism
Tested to survive stomach acid, Optiflora DI is gluten free, soy free, dairy free and kosher D.

For a happy gut fast, contact...

“A gut pain that has existed for 14 years, gone in just 7 days! I can't begin to tell you what a relief this is.” R. L.

We'll even -- RUSH -- to personalize your PDF so you can have your Optiflora DI Postcard as soon as possible.

(Note: Pairs perfectly with our Healthy Cleanse, Optiflora, and Organic Greens Booster Postcards!)

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Optiflora DI  Print 'n Mail Postcard
Optiflora DI Print 'n Mail Postcard
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