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SALE! Do you have "sitting disease?" Issue 149

Do you have "sitting disease?"

As you read this, you're probably sitting down. In fact, you've probably been sitting down for most of the day. What most people don't know is...

Your body was designed to move! Your muscles, bones, joints and even your cells all respond to movement. When you're not moving, everything slows down. This slowdown can cause serious problems over time.

We're talking about life and death problems! It's such a big problem that doctors and researchers have given it a name. It's called "sitting disease."

And surprise! Even those who exercise daily are NOT automatically immune from sitting disease. (Find out why in this newsletter.) 

This issue of Making a Difference! addresses this important topic... the definition of sitting disease, the dangers to your health, and most importantly, what to do about it.

While the obvious remedy is adding more movement to your daily activities (we'll tell you easy ways to do that), many people have physical, mental and/or emotional limitations that keep their body from moving enough. And that's where Shaklee comes in.

Taking Shaklee supplements can give you the energy, strength and motivation to start moving more. So if you (or anyone you know): 
  • needs to lose weight
  • has painful muscles or joints
  • suffers from arthritis
  • is always exhausted
  • seems depressed

...there are Shaklee supplements that can help them feel like moving more! (We'll tell you which ones.)

Since most Americans today spend up to 90% of their day either sitting down or sleeping, you'll want everyone you know to read this important issue of Making a Difference!

This is a growing problem you'll want your group to know about, so order your copies today. We're shipping this week so that you'll get yours before April 1st.

We're also including two articles about Get Clean Germ Off Disinfecting Wipes that are appropriate for Earth Day if that is your marketing focus this month. (NOTE: We don't mention Earth Day so that you can use this newsletter anytime, not just in April.) 

 Our supply is limited, so don't wait long to order.


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