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Issue 94 Printed - "New Products" Newsletters #94

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SALE! New Products - Issue 94

A super-duper doozey of a newsletter!
Great for reminding your mailing list to
order these unique products again and again.
Perfect for prospecting.
This is truly an exciting issue of Making a Difference!
We all know how unique... how very exceptional Shaklee products are. We know they help thousands of people live healthier, happier lives. We tell people about the natural ingredients that are in our products, how carefully they are formulated, the painstaking science that is behind each and every Shaklee product and most importantly, how well they work!
We KNOW they work! Yet, in spite of Shaklee's stellar reputation, hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies, thousands of consumer testimonials and 100% money-back guarantee, many skeptics out there won't pay any attention because their doctor says...
"You don't need to take any vitamins... food is enough."
"If you want to take vitamins, it's okay. But any vitamin will do. They're all the same."
We know it's nonsense. We know what the doctor told our prospect is not true. But... who will our prospect most likely listen to? You've got it... the doctor, of course!
While a lot of us who believe in the power of Shaklee products don't give a lot of weight to pronouncements from government agencies such as the FDA and NIH, many of the people we approach do. The FDA, in particular, rarely approves or endorses any claims made by supplement manufacturers.
Well this time is different. This time, Shaklee obtained FDA approval for the two claims displayed on the front of our new Cholesterol Reduction Complex bottle...
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Printed -
Printed - "New Products" Newsletters #94
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