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Print n' Mail - Why you need
Issue 133 - Print n' Mail Print n' Mail - Why you need "good" germs... Issue 133

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Why you need "good" germs... Issue #133

When winter is upon us, we become focused more on
preventing illness so we're not sick during the holiday season.

One key step you can take to stay healthy is to take Optiflora. While pervasive (if not somewhat deceptive) advertising has made most people believe that yogurt is good for your digestion, they don't really know why. As most of us in Shaklee know, some yogurts are great... others are just a sugary "dessert" that contribute to good health minimally, if at all.

Probiotics are gaining leverage as a supplement that can truly enhance health in a major way. And... compared to many supplements on the market, probiotics are relatively inexpensive.

This issue of Making a Difference! is designed to illustrate the positive influence probiotics can have on health and why the Optiflora 2-product system is the ideal supplement to add to a nutritional regimen.

While Optiflora is the focus, we'll also cover how your nails can reveal nutritional deficiencies (and which supplements you need to address them), the major causes of halitosis, a short article about gift giving (general: not mentioning the holidays, but appropriate), and how Get Clean laundry products can keep the life in your clothes. We've also included a little teaser about the new Shaklee 180 products on the horizon.

You'll want to order plenty of this newsletter. The subjects are timeless and cover a variety of Shaklee products.

Making a Difference! Newsletters (printed or electronic) are a professional, colorful, informative and practical way to keep in touch with your prospects, customers, members and business builders.

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Print n' Mail - Why you need
Print n' Mail - Why you need "good" germs... Issue 133
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