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YOUTH Print n' Mail Postcard Bundle

Part Number YOUTH Print n' Mail Postcard Bundle
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YOUTH Print n' Mail Postcard Bundle
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Retail Price:  $54.75
Your Savings:  $5.47
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YOUTH Skin Care Postcard Bundle
While you can purchase our YOUTH personalized Print 'n Mail PDF Postcards individually, by purchasing all 5 you not only save 10% over the regular price, you can tailor each mailing to appeal to different segment of your list. Do a "split" mailing of two or more Postcards to see which ones generate the most interest in your group. Or... "drip-feed" them to your list every week or so. By the time most of your group receives the 3rd postcard, their natural sales resistance will be lowered, especially if you send them YOUR before-and-after pics by email, as well!

These postcards are also perfect for prospecting, as well. Mix them up with some of our other Print 'n Mail Postcards and mail one every month or so just to keep in touch. Here are the Postcards you'll find in this bundle:

  1. YOUTH for You Postcard
  2. YOUTH Promises Postcard
  3. YOUTH Remember Postcard 
  4. YOUTH Stats Postcard         
  5. YOUTH Wow Postcard

Each YOUTH Postcard in the bundle is personalized with your information and is set up 4 of the same design on a page so you can print them out front-to-back on perforated card stock, or card stock of your choice if you have a good cutter.

Plus... when you order this special YOUTH Print 'n Mail Postcard Bundle, you'll...

SAVE 10%!
Regular price: $10.95 x 5 = $54.75
SALE price:  Just $49.28! 

MARKETING HINT:  Send a YOUTH Postcard before and/or after you mail one of our Making a Difference! Newsletters featuring Shaklee's new skin care line. Then... a week or two later, mail a different YOUTH Postcard. In between newsletters and postcards, send emails and add short posts to your blog, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc., reinforcing your brand, Shaklee, and the remarkable YOUTH results.  Keep "drip-feeding" Postcards, Newsletters and emails to your list on a consistent basis. And... follow up, follow up, follow up!

Use this time-proven marketing strategy and you'll start seeing growth resulting in more sales and interest in Shaklee!
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