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"YOUTH Wow" Print 'n Mail Postcard

Part Number "YOUTH Wow" Print 'n Mail Postcard
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"YOUTH Wow" Print 'n Mail Postcard
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Grab their attention... with our BRAND NEW  
Print 'n Mail Postcard!

Only $10.95!


NEW! "YOUTH Wow" Personalized Print 'n Mail Postcard


Send this dramatic Postcard to your list to excite and entice them to want more information about the new YOUTH Skin Care Line.

New! "YOUTH Wow" Personalized PDF Postcard

Front of card...

Front of card text...

 [Before & After Pics]     
Just look what can happen to your skin in just a few days when you use the YOUTH Advanced Anti-Aging Skin Care Regimen!      
And... your skin will not only become younger, it will keep on looking brighter, more radiant, smoother and vibrant, the longer you use YOUTH
So if you've tried all those "hyped up" skin care creams promising miracles... or if you're considering a chemical peel, botox, or cosmetic surgery... then YOUTH is what you're looking for! Why?

YOUTH will shift your skin into a younger age... Shaklee guarantees it!

Back of card...


Back of card text...

You're on your way to... YOUNGER SKIN!
The key to "ageless" skin is healthy cell renewal. Unlike ordinary products, YOUTH targets your skin cells, saturating them with so much natural botanical nutrition that they actually start growing younger!
When Shaklee developed YOUTH, they knew it would transform how people saw themselves... but could they prove that skin nurtured with YOUTH would really become younger? The answer was YES!      
After using YOUTH for just a short time, the clinically developed Skin Age Index* proved that 100% of women had younger looking skin and 2/3 actually shifted their skin age into a younger decade!
*The Skin Age Index was developed by world-class skin experts. It measures key signs of aging such as wrinkles, texture, pore size, pigmentation, skin tone, firmness, sagging, radiance, and more, with factual clinical data.
To try YOUTH for yourself, contact:
For a limited time, get this 60-day supply of amazing Radiance C+E ($94 value)


ORDER your "YOUTH Wow" Personalized Print 'n Mail Postcard PDF NOW!

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